hello. meet kiyoko. a lifestyle brand that represents quality and design. we're currently sold out online, but still have many friends that will be able to provide you with a kiyoko lip balm.

the sweater. kiyoko sweater is made of 100 percent organic cotton, made in istanbul. the minimalistic print is a japanese saying that tells the vision of the owners: you cannot catch a tiger cub unless you enter the tiger's den. in other words: no guts, no glory. 

• 100 percent organic cotton. 

• really, but really, soft on the inside. 

• the perfect color grey mélange. 

• a minimalistic design. 

• unisex size, wear it how you want it.

the lip balm. kiyoko lip balm is from a 100% natural origin, made in a small factory in the netherlands specialized in natural cosmetics. the unique recipe was found after months of lab research and testing - not on animals of course. 

• natural ingredients only, no parabens.

• nurtures and hydrates intensely.

• no color and a minimal taste and fragrance, just a hint of honey.

• a minimalistic and clean design and packaging.

• hand labeled with four different labels - it's all in the details. 

story. evelien and merel started kiyoko in march 2014. kiyoko stems from their ambition to chase dreams. in that spirit they both swapped their lives in Amsterdam for a long trip abroad. that meant taking risks (quitting jobs and giving up apartments), but both got to do what they really wanted – to experience the ultimate feeling of freedom and to prove that no goal is beyond reach. this vision resulted in a business plan for kiyoko: a product based on an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks. travel remains a major theme in the development of the product and the brand. the details of the products are japanese for a reason: the founders draw their inspiration from japanese culture, and tokyo is their next travel destination. 

with their brand, evelien & merel hope to inspire others to take a little bit of risk as well and chase dreams as much as possible.